The aim of the school is to prepare the students academically, physically, spiritually and morally to develop character and dedication to purpose by inducing a patriotic outlook and desire to serve the country with efficiency.

          Our vision encompasses the achievement of an all-round development of the child into a young man and woman possesing values which will make a better human being.

  • Prepare the student to live successfully
  • Install in the students spirit of service in all walks
  • Make the students capable of facing challenges



           Two terminal examination shall be held during the session in addition to the assignments, projects and unit tests. Promotions are made on the basis of results of the examinations held during the year.
No weightage shall be given to any student who is absent for any unit tests and terminal examination.

FA1 + FA2 + SA1 = 1st Term
FA3 + FA4 + SA2 = 2nd Term
Annual report= 1st Term + 2nd Term


Our Faculties

  • Intensively dedicated
  • Well experienced
  • Highly motivated
  • Technologically sharpened
  • Committed to Fostering educational excellence
  • Specially trained for life skill education
  • Trained for CCE assessment
  • Nurturing overall development
  • Always ready to accept new challenges

Parent-Teacher Interaction

          The co-operation and goodwill of the parent is an essential component of an effective parent teacher relationship. In order to provide maximum education opportunities for children, the school needs the involvement of parents in many of its activities. Parents and guardians shall co-operate with the school by adhering to the rules and regulations as amended from time to time.

          Parents, guardians or other persons are neither allowed to enter the classrooms nor interview the teachers during school hours. Those who wish to evaluate the progress of the child can meet the teacher concerned during PTA (parent-teacher meeting). Criticism of teachers or of the school in the presence of the students must be avoided. Legitimate complaints should be brought to the notice of the principal without delay. Parents are advised not to take their children for long holidays during working days.